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Magnetic products



Magnetic therapy;

                                    It is believed that interactions between the body, the earth, and other electromagnetic fields cause physical and emotional changes in humans. Meaning, the human body is controlled by magnetic fields and charged ions and must be in balance to maintain good health.

When an area of the body is injured, these fields are altered and positive ions flood the area, causing pain and swelling. Magnetic therapy helps replace the positive by the negative ions in the affected area, so the body returns to its normal negative state. Therefore the injured area will have increased circulation and oxygen flow, thus promoting the benefits of natural healing.


Magnetic therapy is very popular among athletes (golfers, tennis and football players).   

Most people notice the effects of magnetic therapy after a short period, but the results may in vary each person. 







Do not use magnetic products if you have a pacemaker or electric implants of any kind, or are allergic to metal.  If you experience itching or rashes, please discontinue use.

** You may contact BTI customer service if you have any questions. Our concern is your health.

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